A. Combat.
B. 3 February, 1945.
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. Approx. 1230.
E. Near Boizenburg, Germany (5344 - 1023).
F. Overcast, 1500 ft. base with scattered holes.  Visibility 2 miles.
G. Pick-a-back Ju 88 with FW 190
H. One (1) Ju 88 Destroyed.
     One (1) FW 190 Destroyed.

I. I was flying Tudor White 2 on the mission of 3rd February, 1945.  We were on the deck and about to strafe a loco in the vicinity of Boizenberg, when Tudor Leader, Lt. Col. Righetti, called in a gaggle of three FW 190 - bomber combos, flying a sloppy "V" formation at about 600 feet.  We attacked from a level turn port stern.  Lt. Col. Righetti took the middle combo of the three, and I took the 3rd and last one of this gaggle.  I started firing on the Ju 88 at about 45 degrees from about 800 yards, closing to about 300 yards with a 2-second burst.  I observed many strikes on the left wing root of the Ju 88, where it began to burn.  After a short dive the FW 190 was released.  The 190 appeared to be rather unstable in the air, but it managed to get in violent evasive action during the ensuing combat.  I fired a short burst from astern beginning at about 200 yards and closing to zero yards.  I saw many strikes all over the aircraft and observed parts of the cowling and the canopy fly off.  There was also fire in or around the cockpit.  I then overran the e/a and skidded out to the right.  As I looked back I saw where the 190 had crashed into the ground.  As a result of this encounter I claim one Ju 88 and one FW 190 destroyed.

J. Ammunition expended:   720 rounds.

0-825425, 2nd Lt., Air Corps.



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