A. Combat.
B. 5 December 1944
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1345 1045.
E. Few miles northeast of Berlin.
F. 4/10ths to 8/10ths in layers up to 20,000 feet - haze.
G. FW 190.
H. One (1) FW 190 Destroyed.

I. I was leading Hellcat Yellow Section at 26,000 feet as the squadron was investigating boggies about 25 miles north of Berlin.  I headed my flight toward a gaggle just north and east of Berlin and spotted an FW 190 below (at about 22,000) and to the left.  We dropped tanks and I followed the E/A as he dove through the haze.  At about 12,000 feet he leveled (sic) out and I gave him a good two second burst - observing numerous strikes on his wing roots, fuselage and the vicinity of the canopy.  The very first strikes must have killed the pilot for the E/A took no further evasive action.  First it rolled over on its back and stayed in that attitude for almost five seconds.  Then it did a slow, lazy split-S and fell into an uncontrolled spiral, trailing a stream of white smoke and disappearing into the clouds at 10,000 feet.  Because the pilot was obviously killed and the plane was last seen in an uncontrolled dive, I claim this FW 190 as destroyed.

J. Ammunition Expended - 420 Rounds.

Captain, Air Corps.


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