APO 559, U.S. ARMY

Consolidated Encounter Report

VIII Fighter Command, F.O. #565. Place: Herzogenaurach A/D
Date: 12 September 1944 Time: 1215
Weather: Hazy - no clouds. Targets: T/E U/I


I was leading Hellcat Squadron when we broke escort from B17's of the 3rd Division north of Nurnberg and headed home on a course of 270 degrees.  In the vicinity of Wurzburg, flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet, we passed over an A/D (later identified as Herzogenaurach) containing 25 plus T/E E/A. We made one orbit spiraling (sic) down, then went past the A/D to the south and east for about 5 minutes and made a 180 degree turn - coming in for our attack generally from the East (specifically as indicated on diagram). My canopy fogged up at this point, so I pulled White section back up and let Yellow Section make the first pass.  I noticed E/A on the perimeter track and in front of the hangar, so brought my section around to attack that area from an easterly direction (see diagram).  Claims of 4-0-9 are made.  E/A "g" (shared by Lt. Reilly and F/O Amos) (sic) caugh (sic) fire before these two pilots pulled up, while E/A "e" exploded.  These two E/A, plus "f" and "c", were seen on fire by most of the Squadron when we reviewed the damage after the attack.  I therefore claim 4 E/A destroyed in (sic) behalf of the Squadron - in addition to the damaged claims listed on reverse side.

Additional Remarks:

Despite the fact that little or no flak was encountered at the A/D, I made only one pass - and for another reason.  A great many of the E/A seemed to me to be dummies while some others had obviously been damaged by a previous straffing (sic) attack.  Because of engine failure I was forced to land at Bruselles (sic) shortly after the attack and was not present at the interrogation.  On return to home base - in the light of above and after discussion with the other pilots - I have reduced our claim of 13 E/A damaged (as reported in Mission Summary report) to 9 damaged.  The claim of 4 destroyed still stands.

Major - Air Corps




Major Landers - No Claim.  
Capt. Peterson ) (a)  
Lt. Silk             ) one He177 damaged (shared)  
Lt. Lawrence - No claim.  
Capt. Clark - (b) one 410 damaged. Capt. Peterson - 450  rounds.
Lt. Courtney - no claim. Lt. Silk - 300   "
Lt. Jewell - (c)* one T/E U/I destroyed. Capt. Clark - 1225   "
Lt. Waice - (d) one Ju88 damaged. Lt. Jewell - 707   "
YELLOW FLIGHT Lt. Waice - 630   "
Lt. Reilly - (e) T/E U/I destroyed. Lt. Reilly - 920   "
F/O Amos (sic) - (f) one T/E U/I  " F/O Amos (sic) - 500   "
          (g) one Ju52 destroyed (shared) Lt. Sherman - 720   "
Lt. Sherman - (c)* one T/E U/I destroyed. Capt. Holderman - 810   "
                      (h) one Ju88 damaged. Maj. Parsons - 903   "
BLUE FLIGHT Lt. Callaghan - 715   "
Capt. Holderman - (i)(j) two Ju88 damaged.  
Lt. Klank - no claim.  
Maj. Parsons - (c)* one T/E U/I destroyed.  
                        (k)  one Me 410 damaged.  
                        (l)   one Ju 87 damaged.  
Lt. Callaghan - (m) one Ju 88 damaged.  


Claims as originally submitted were 4-0-13.  After elimination of overlapping claims and possible dummy E/A they have been reduced to 4-0-9.  In the case of E/A (c) all three indicated pilots feel they destroyed a T/E E/A at this spot on the field, but since only one fire was seen here their claims are reduced to the same E/A, and award will depend on assessment of film.



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