A. Combat.
B. 12 September 1944.
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1245.
E. Frankfurt.
F. No clouds - haze.
G. Me 109.
H. One (1) Me109 destroyed (Shared with Captain Burns of 338th Squadron).

I. When Hellcat Squadron bounced 4 Me 109's in the vicinity of Frankfurt I became separated from the rest of the squadron and was stooging around at 1,000 feet.  Only 4 E/A were called in before the original bounce, but apparently more came in during the fight for I spotted a lone Me 109 crossing my path 30 feet off the deck about 800 yards at 1 o'clock to me.  I immediately headed for him turning left and losing altitude to take a deflection shot from 600 yards.  He was very low however and when I was about to open fire he bellied into the ground.  I continued my attack and straffed the plane on the ground.  I then pulled up to make another pass but before I could pull around an element of 2 P-51's of the 338th came in and straffed the E/A.  The enemy pilot was obviously frightened into a crash landing by the presence of our aircraft.  Since the enemy plane made a belly landing in order to avoid fire from a P-51, and since Captain Burns of the 338th, one of the planes later to strafe was also in the area, I claim this Me1-9 destroyed and share it with him.

Captain, Air Corps.


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