A. Combat (Ground Attack)
B. 12 September, 194.
C. 338th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1200.
E. Giessen, Germany.
F. 1/10 Cumulus and haze.
G. Ju 88 or He 111-K
H. One (1) Ju 88 or He 111-K Destroyed (On the ground).

I. As we approached Giessen I observed an airdrome near the town with two twin-engine aircraft parked near the center of the field on the grass.  There was a large cloud just short of the airdrome on the up-sun side, making conditions ideal for a pass at the parked aircraft.  I circled and approached with my wingman out of the sun, and broke out of the cloud at 6,000 feet.  I took a 3 to 4-second burst, opening at 400 yards and closing to about 100 feet.  I observed a good concentration of hits on the e/a, and as I passed over the aircraft burst into flames.  I claim this aircraft as destroyed.

1st Lt., Air Corps.


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