A.P.O. 559, U.S. ARMY

Consolidated Encounter Report

VIII Fighter Command F.O. No. 561. Place: Airfield northeast of Augsburg
Date: 10 September 1944.  
Weather: CAVU.  

After breaking escort of the bombers on the mission of 10th September, Tudor Squadron went down to about 15,000 feet, ranging over the area around Nurnburg and Augsburg, looking for targets of opportunity to be strafed. At about 1215 an airdrome was sighted northeast of Augsburg, thought to be Neuburg. There was a black macadam E-W runway about 7,500 feet long, and this was crossed by a NW-SE runway, which was beautifully camouflaged. There were some 20 aircraft parked about the field. Most of them were He 111s with a few Ju 88s and two Me 109s. About 10 to 12 of the He 111s and two of the 88s were dispersed in a field beyond the perimeter track to the north. These were all covered with camouflage netting garnished with leaves and branches. Along the north boundary of this dispersed park was a row of trees, and Ju 88s were observed to be parked under most of the trees. The two Me 109s and about four He 111s were parked on the airfield itself between the E-W runway and the perimeter. Tudor White and Yellow flights went to the deck, circling around to the south of the field, coming into the field from the south at tree top level. The flights were spread out to take in almost the entire width of the airfield, and flew about line abreast in making the strafing run. The run was made generally from south to north. Only the one pass was made, since the flak was quite intense. After the run White flight pulled up and to the right, Yellow flight pulled up to the left.
Captain Brown, Tudor leader, went in over about the center of the field. He fired about a 3-second burst at an He 111 parked in the dispersed field and with a net over it. Strikes were observed on the aircraft, and after he pulled up and to the right he looked back, seeing the e/a burning furiously.
Lt. Williams clobbered a Ju 88 standing in the northwest corner of the dispersal park and an He 111 parked directly below it. The 111 was the first to go it exploded. Lt. Fry saw the Ju 88 explode after Lt. Williams had pulled off to the right.
Lt. Fry fired a 5-second burst at two He 111s, which were parked together between the runway and the perimeter. One was covered with a large camouflage net, but the second one was not covered. Strikes were observed on both aircraft. After the pass and as he pulled up in a turn, he looked back and saw the flash of an exploding aircraft, which he observed to be one of those he fired on. No fire or smoke was seen on the second e/a.




Lt. Mercier picked on one of the two S/E aircraft parked at the eastern end of the airfield. He fired a 3-second burst, beginning at about 200 yards. The aircraft was identified as an Me 109 just as he flew over it. At just about the same time it blew up and burned. Being one of the last over the field, Lt. Mercier attests to seeing four separate fires burning on the field in addition to the aircraft which he exploded.

Claims:     One     (1)     He 111     Destroyed        Capt. Robert D. Brown
                One     (1)     Me 109    Destroyed        1st Lt. Donald L. Mercier
                One     (1)     Ju 88        Destroyed        1st Lt. Kenneth T. Williams
                One     (1)     He 111     Destroyed                                 
                One     (1)     He 111     Destroyed        1st Lt. David M. Fry
                One     (1)     He 111     Damaged                                  

                                                                                                                                                                    ROBERT D. BROWN,
                                                                                                                                                                    Capt., Air Corps.

A. 1 Ju 88 Destroyed Lt. Williams D. 1 Me 109 Destroyed Lt. Mercier
B. 1 He 111 Destroyed Lt. Williams E. 1 He 111 destroyed Lt. Fry
C. 1 He 111 Destroyed Capt. Brown F. 1 He 111 Damaged Lt. Fry



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