A.P.O. 637, U.S. ARMY


VIII Fighter Command F.O. #550. Place: Stuttgard/Boblingen A/D
Date: 5 September 1944 Time: 1210
Weather: CAVU. Targets: Single and Twin-Engine E/A.


I was leading the Group in support of B-17's on withdrawal at an altitude of 24,000 feet in the vicinity of Stuttgard when many single and twin-engine enemy aircraft were called in below.  The time was approximately 1210.  Tudor Squadron already being engaged in the destruction of ground targets, I directed Acorn and Blue Section of Hellcat to remain as top cover while I led 10 ships of the latter in on the attack.  Making a sweeping turn to port, we approached the airdrome on the deck with the sun behind us at approximately 170 degrees.  Targets were selected and claims made as indicated on the attached diagram.
Before we opened fire intense accurate flak, apparently from batteries located at the southern and southeastern end of the airdrome, were directed at us - and because of this fact we made only one pass.  Before making the attack I am positive that there were no enemy aircraft on fire or smoking.  After pulling up, several of my squadron, including myself, observed four distinct columns of smoke streaming up from four different aircraft on the western side of the field - the area in which most of our fire was concentrated.  For this reason I claim four enemy aircraft destroyed - in addition to the indicated claims of damaged enemy aircraft - in  (sic) behalf of Hellcat Squadron.
After study of photographs of the airdrome taken immediately prior to the attack, it has been identified as Stuttgard/Boblingen.

Major, Air Corps.






J - T/E U/I Destroyed - Major Landers Major John D. Landers 438 Rounds
A - S/E U/I Damaged - Major Landers Capt. McCauley Clark 300     "
I - Me 109 Destroyed - Capt. Clark 1st Lt. R. F. Maloney 840     "
C - Ju 87       " - Capt. Clark 2nd Lt. F. M. Matney 480     "
K - Ju 88       " - Lt. Maloney 2nd Lt. D. H. Courtney 360     "
L - Me 109 Damaged - Lt. Maloney 2nd Lt. F. J. Waice 840     "
B - FW 190       " - Lt. Matney 2nd Lt. A. M. Koenig 300     "
D - Ju 87       " - Lt. Courtney Major A. B. Parsons 900     "
F - FW 190       " - Lt. Waice  
E - Me 109       " - Lt. Waice
H - T/E U/I       " - Lt. Koenig
G - T/E U/I       " - Major Parsons



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