A. Combat.
B. 28 August 1944.
C. 338th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 0905.
E. Dromersheim Germany (4955' - 758'E).
F. Overcast, medium and high strato-cumulus clouds based at 8,000 feet.
G. D.F.S. 230 Glider.
H. One (1) D.F.S. Glider Destroyed (Shared with 2nd Lt. Russell G. Haworth).
     Pilot probably killed.

I. I was flying Acorn Yellow Leader's wing on a strafing mission.  At approximately 3,000 feet over our target I heard Lt. Lanham call in enemy aircraft at 9 o'clock to him and flying low.  My element leader dove to attack the glider, which had been cut loose from the aircraft, attacked by Lt. Lanham, and I followed.  Apparently my leader had trouble dropping his wing tanks and could not make a good pass at the E/A.  I closed on it from about 600 yards and 45 deflection, shooting continuously until at point blank range.  I saw strikes on wings and fuselage, and as I broke to the left I saw it crash in a field, where the aircraft broke into pieces.  I did not see anyone escape from the crash.

I claim one D.F.S. 230 Glider destroyed, shared with Lt. Haworth.

2nd Lt., Air Corps.


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