A. Combat
B. 7 July 1944.
C. 338th Fighter Squadron,55th Fighter Group.
D. 0930.
E. 5 miles west of Bernburg,Germany.
F. 3 - 4/10 over cast from 5,000 to 7,000 feet.
G. FW-190 and ME-109.
H. One (1) FW-190 destroyed.
     One (1) ME-109 destroyed,probably.

I. I was flying Acorn Blue 4 at 17,000' and did not know we were under attack until there was a call on R/T to break.  I broke right and discovered an ME-109 at 4 o'clock low firing at me from approximately 200 yards.  After I had levelled off and started to climb,he was adead (sic.) and above me.  I fired one or two short bursts at him,observing no strikes.  I had excessive speed and power and zoomed above my flight which was also chasing him.  I then observed Lt.Gerry,Blue 2,under attack.  I called to him to break and dove on the attacking ME-109,firing 1 second bursts from 500 yards to 100 yards. I observed many hits on tail section and fuselage behind canopy but did not see the pilot leave ship.  At this time other members of Blue Flight saw an E/A on fire and the pilot bale out but I cannot positively identify this plane as the one at which I was firing.  I claim one (1) ME109 probably destroyed.

Immediately after the above encounter while still at 17,000' , I was under attack from an (sic.) FW-190 diving at me from 5 o'clock.  I broke into him but he turned away and avoided combat.  I then observed another FW-190 about 4,000' below me.  Putting on full power I chased him tot he deck and we both levelled off.  He took no evasive action and I opened fire at about 300 yards and 15 deflection,closing to (illeg.) feet,and zero deflection.  I observed many strikes on the fuselage and flames fromm (sic.) the engine.  I banked to the right to keep from colliding with him and then turned back to get another burst but before I fired he rolled to the right and crashed to the ground.  I claim one (1) FW-190 destroyed.

After climbing to about 10,000' ,I was attacked by another FW-190 from 11 o'clock high.  He scored strikes on my left wing tip tank but as I was out of ammunition I avoided combat with him.

                            JOHN E. MCKEE
                           2nd Lt.,Air Corps.


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