A. Combat
B. 14 June 1944
C. 338th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group
D. 0730
E. Paris
F. 4/10 Low clouds.
G. 2 ME-109s
H. 1 ME-109 Damaged.
I. I was flying Acorn Blue 3 when Acorn Yellow Flight was attacked by four ME-109s.  Blue Flight broke into the ME-109s and followed 2 of them in a steep dive to Paris.  They tried to lose us by flying at about 500 ft over the Paris flak.

One of the E/A tried to get on Lt. Berry's tail and I got a long burst at him from very close range.  I saw strikes along the top of the fuselage.  He then got away into the clouds.

All four members of Blue Flight shot most of their ammunition at the other E/A and Lt. Berry was seen to get good hits around the canopy.  As Lt. Berry quit firing I saw the E/A roll slowly over pouring white smoke and headed for the ground.  At this altitude he could not have pulled out , but due to light flak we were unable to stay for the crash.

1st. Lt., Air Corps.


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