A. Combat
B. 14 June 1944
C. 338th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 0730
E. Paris
F. 4/10 Low clouds.
G. 1 ME-109
H. 1 ME-109 Destroyed.
I. I was flying Acorn Blue #2 when Acorn Yellow Flight was attacked by four ME-109s.  Blue Flight immediately broke into the ME-109s and followed 2 of them in a steep dive down to about 500 ft directly over Paris.

Lt. Parker had broken into the other ME-109 causing it to leave the area.

I had closed to about 250 yards and opened fire seeing hits on his tail section.  The ME-109 immediately broke right and circled the Eiffel Tower about a 180 degrees and then leveled out.  I had closed the range during the turn and when he leveled out I shot about a 5 sec. burst from about 200 yards seeing many hits in the canopy section.  Pouring white smoke the E/A rolled slowly over on his back and headed for the ground.  At this altitude he could not have pulled out but due to light flak we were unable to stay for the crash.

I Claim one (1) ME-109 Destroyed.

2nd Lt., Air Corps.


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