B. 11 June 1944
C. 338th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group
D. 1500
E. Vicinity of Beauvais, France.
F. 2to 4/10 Low clouds.
G. ME-109
H. One (1) ME-109 destroyed.
I. Flying tail end Charlie in Red Flight at 8,000 ft our flight saw 1 P-38 with two E/A on his tail. As they were flying the same altitude as our flight we turned 90 degrees to make a head on attack. As I was on the outside of the turn I losed (sic) altitude. when I came up I was firing a 60 degree deflection shot and continued firing until I was getting strikes on one ME-109. He pulled off doing a combination of half loop and a split S heading for cloud cover at 4,000 ft. I poured the coal on and went down after him only to lose him in the clouds, but when I came out he was sitting like a dead duck in front of me so I gave him a 10 to 15 sec. burst seeing strikes and whitish-grey smoke come out of his engine. Hits slowed him down or he chopped his throttle because it made me over run him. I made a tight 360 degree and gained 3,000 ft. Another P-38 took over at this point only to lose him at the airport. I saw him make orbit of airport and chased him right on the deck firing in turns and dead astern. I saw many strikes. evidently he was trying to belly it in on the airport but gave up the attempt and headed for a field. The last burst I got strikes around the canopy, followed him to this field I saw him make a slow roll and crash upside down into some trees.

I claim one (1)) ME-109 Destroyed.

2nd. Lt., Air Corps.



I was leading element in Acorn Yellow (sic) and Lt. Schank was flying my wing. We made one head on pass at two ME-109s which rolled and headed for the deck. Lt. Schank chased #1 and I followed #2. I shot and observed strikes around the cockpit, wings and fuselage of mine. Closing too fast I did a 3/4 loop coming down behind Lt. Schank who was still firing at E/A #1. E/A started slow turn to left at which time I observed strikes on canopy after which E/A half rolled and crashed into some trees.

1st. Lt., Air Corps.

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