A. Combat
B. 11 June 1944
C. 338th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1500
E. Vicinity of Beauvais, France.
F. 2 to 4/10 Low clouds.
G. ME-109
H. One (1) ME-109 Destroyed.
I. I was flying Acorn Red 3 when I heard a pilot say he was being chased by 2 E/A. Almost the same time I spotted the P-38 and 2 ME-109s. The P-38 turned into Acorn Red Flight and the E/A followed, I don't think the E/A saw our flight until I squirted a few slugs. They both rolled and headed for healthier country. My wing man chased # 1 and I tagged along after # 2. # 1 pulled out about 2,000 ft. and my wing man was shooting his tail off. E/A # 2 crawled up behind my wing man. Being an eager Beaver my wing man didn't break but the second E/A did when I started shooting, I turned inside the 109 and got some hits on him and he straightened out. Then I closed to about 150-100 yards and continued firing. Many hits were observed on the cockpit. He snap rolled and went in. Then I started chasing my wingman and his 109. I got there just as my wing man was awarding Jerry the "Purple Heart". The E/A I claimed destroyed went in from 800 ft.

I claimed one (1) ME-109 Destroyed.

1st. Lt., Air Corps.


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