A. Combat
B. 22 May 1944.
C. 338th Fighter Squadron.
D. Approximately 1250.
E. Near Neumunster.
F. 5/10ths to 7/10ths Cumulus tops at 9,000 ft.
G. FW 190.
H. One (1) FW 190 Destroyed.
I. While leading Red Flight at 20,000 feet I saw 8 P-38's bouncing 4 FW 190's at 10,000 feet.  I started down to give them immediate top cover, when I noticed a single engine a/c approaching 5 P-38's from 8 o'clock.  I called White Flight for cover and came out of the sun in a 420 mph. dive on the a/c, which I identified as a FW 190, and started firing at about 450 yards.  The e/a saw my tracers and broke left, and as he did so, I noticed strikes on both wing and fuselage.  I racked my plane in and out-turned the e/a getting hits at a 15 degree deflection in the bank.  The e/a started what appeared to be intended as a split "S", but as he rolled on his back he released his canopy and started leaving the plane.  I fired another short burst as he was getting out of the ship, hoping to get a picture of him before pulling up to avoid a collision.  When I had completed my pull-up and looked back, the e/a was out of sight in the cloud, so I do not know whether or not the pilot succeeded in getting out of the plane, but he was making every effort to do so when I last saw him.  I claim one FW 190 destroyed.

1st Lt., Air Corps.


I was flying on Lt. Blanchard's wing and observed and took part in the above combat, firing two bursts at the e/a and observing hits on same.  At the time Lt. Blanchard fired his last burst the pilot of the e/a was quite well out of the plane and I am certain that he left it just as the plane went into the clouds.  I am certain that the aircraft was destroyed.

2nd. Lt., Air Corps.


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