A. Combat
B. 21, May 1944.
C. 338th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1240 (Approximately)
E. Airfield believed to be Burg bei Magdeburg.
F. 10/10ths low clouds, haze below.
G. Ju 88.
H. One (1) Ju 88 Destroyed (Ground).
I. We were proceeding west through our assigned area on deck.  Lt. Korinek had lost an engine, and I had taken over the flight after we became separated from Capt. Garlock.  As we approached a city, which I believed to be Burg, I saw an airdrome to the south-east of the city.  I called to Lt. Walters to stay with Lt. Korinek as escort while I went down to strafe the airfield and that I would rejoin them west of the airfield.  I dove on the field and opened fire on the first of two hangars, continuing on firing at the second hangar and the control tower, securing hits on all three buildings.  As I passed the control tower I saw a Ju 88 parked at the extreme western edge of the field with a crew of five or six men working on the A/C.  I opened fire from about 300 yards and fired until I passed over the parked A/C.  The crew were either hit or fell to the ground, and I saw hits all over the E/A.  I looked back after pulling up, and the E/A was burning heavily.  I saw no aircraft parked on the field although there may have been some at the upper edge and to the south.  I rejoined the flight and continued on.  I claim one Ju 88 destroyed on the ground.


1st Lt., Air Corps.


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