A. Combat
B. 20 May 1944.
C. 338th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1100.
E. Vicinity of Sens, France.
F. 2 to 3/10ths low cumulus with haze.
G. FW 190.
H. One (1) FW 190 destroyed.
I. I was flying Acorn Red No. 3 and saw two FW 190's attacking two P-38's at 6 o'clock to our flight.  The E/A were coming out of the sun on the tails of the 38's from above.  I called my flight leader that I was breaking into them and to cover me.  I immediately did a 180, and by the time I had completed my turn the E/A were firing at the 38's.  One P-38 broke left with the E/A on his tail, bringing the E/A in front of me.  I fired a 1 second burst at a 90 deflection from about 500 yards.  I observed no results, but the E/A immediately broke left.  I stayed with him in his turn.  He then went into a vertical dive and I dove with discretion after him, keeping my plane under control.  The E/A attempted to pull out at about 2,000 feet but failed to make it, and dove straight into the ground with a terrific explosion resulting.

I claim one FW 190 destroyed.

2nd Lt., Air Corps.


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