A. Combat.
B. 15 April 1944.
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1430.
E. Near Osnabruck.
F. Ten tenths middle clouds, five miles visibility on deck.
G. JU 88.
H. Destroyed.
I.  I was number three in Swindle Yellow Flight on a jackpot mission to Halberstadt. In going down to bounce enemy aircraft taking off from an airfield near Halberstadt, my wingman and I became separated from the rest of the squadron. We turned back to shoot up a train and stayed on the deck travelling west. We came across a big airdrome with from (sic) 25 to 30 enemy aircraft, including Ju 290's and silver single engine enemy aircraft, on it. I picked out a Ju 88 directly in my path and started firing at 800 yards. There were many hits on the nose section and right engine. The right wing caught fire and the right gear collapsed, the enemy aircraft then becoming completely enveloped in flames. We encountered light flak a mile west of the field and my wing man Lt. Hummel was hit and is now missing in action. I conclude this enemy aircraft was destroyed by my fire.

1st Lieut., Air Corps.


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