A. Combat
B. 15 April 1944
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1430.
E. Near Munster.
F. Overcast.
G. FW 190 and He 111K.
H. Destroyed.
I. I was leading Swindle Yellow Flight on a jackpot when our Squadron dropped down on the deck near Halberstadt.  After being on the deck for about 30 minutes, flying a course of 290 degrees, I saw an (sic.) Fw 190 flying 90 degrees to me at the same altitude of about 50 feet.  I fired a short burst at 90 degrees deflection after which he broke and I followed him around about 360 degrees of turn at which point he suddenly flicked over and went into the deck and burst into flames.  I then continued my safe course home alone.  Approximately five minutes after the first encounter, I pulled up over a small hill and saw an He-111K about a half mile ahead of me flying at 200 feet and 90 degrees to me.  He evidently saw me at the same time because he immediately crash landed, tearing off his right wing.  Due to the amount of flak that was being thrown at me, I couldn't take any pictures of him, so I continued my safe course home.
I claim both of these enemy aircraft destroyed as a result of this encounter.

Captain, Air Corps.


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