A. Combat
B. 13 April 1944
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group
D. About 1535
E. R/V area
G. ME 109's
H. One (1) ME 109 probably destroyed, One (1) ME 109 probably damaged
I. As we approached the B-24's from the left I saw two ME 109's in-trail and about 1,000 yards to the rear of the box of bombers.  They were pressing an attack.  I came out of the sun diving from 22,000 to about 15,000 feet.  I fired tow (sic) bursts at each e/a starting at about 500 yards, and closing from about 30 degrees to about 10 degrees head on.  My speed was 450 plus.  I noticed a few strikes on the first ME 109, then rushed over on the second and gave him two short bursts.  I was closing too fast for observation, but believe I missed.  Both e/a turned into me.  When I opened fire they started a half roll, and I did not see them after I pulled up.  I claim one (1) ME 109 probably destroyed, and one (1) ME 109 probably damaged.

Major, Air Corps.


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