A. Combat
B. 25 February 1944
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1350 hours.
E. Vicinity of Augsberg
G. Me410
H. Probably destroyed
I. I was flying Number 4 in Swindle Yellow Flight, at approximately 26,000 feet near Ulm in the target area when an Me410 was reported at 3 o'clock to the bombers. We chased the e/a toward the Alps for approximately 3 minutes, climbing all the time, where he was hemmed in by our flight and Swindle White Flight.  The 410 made a sharp turn to the port and was bounced by Swindle White Flight.  Lt. Des Voignes, my element leader, made a turn to cut him off and I followed, getting in a 10 to 20 degree deflection shot at around 4 to 500 yards - closing to zero deflection at about 300 yards, where I broke off because of extreme buffeting at about 15,000 feet.  The burst lasted about eight seconds, and before my canopy clouded up, I noted many strikes at the root of the left wing.  When last seen the e/a's left engine was smoking and he was in a steep dive at 14,000 feet.
I claim an Me410 probably destroyed.

2nd Lt. - Air Corps


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