A. Combat
B. 25 February, 1944
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group
D. About 1340
E. Vicinity of Augsburg
G. Me410
H. Probably destroyed
I.  I was leading Swindle White Flight when an Me410 was sighted approaching the bombers from 3 o'clock high and all alone. We started over from 8 o'clock on the bombers at the same level, or about 28,000 ft. with Swindle Yellow Flight on the right. With this turn the e/a turned away from us and started a gradual climb, but upon our closing made a break to the right, saw Swindle Yellow Flight and then broke back to the left in a steep diving turn into white Flight. In the turn I fired a 2 second burst and was partially blinded from the canopy becoming blanked out when I fired. Due to the restricted vision I saw no strikes on the e/a, but noticed his left engine smoking on the way down. Lt. Tipton also fired at the e/a and reported that when last sighted the e/a was smoking badly in an almost vertical attitude. Combat ensued between 29,000 to 24,000 feet.
I claim one (1) Me410 probably destroyed.

Major, Air Corps.


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