A. Engagement.
B. 25 February 1944.
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1340.
E. Vicinity Augsburg.
G. Me 410.
H. None.
I.   I was leading Swindle Yellow Flight when we observed an Me 410 to our right just over the target, climbing and starting to draw contrails. He was about five miles from us at this time. We immediately shoved everything to the fire-wall and took up pursuit. After some three minutes chase, winding up just over the foot of the Alps, the enemy aircraft made a slight turn. As he was hemmed in, with Major Shipman's flight on the left, and my flight on the right, he decided this was an unhealthy maneuver, and turned back to his original course to think things over. I fired a short test burst to see if my guns were working, and they were. In fact mu cannon went right on working without further coaxing from me. Sine all this lead was streaming out my nose, I decided it might as well be put to advantage, and so drew a bead on the Me 410, even though it was close to a thousand yards away. This apparently helped the enemy aircraft to make up his mind, as he rolled to the left and went down, with Major Shipman pursuing a short distance behind. I took top cover, as bandits had been reported in our area. As I was searching the skys above us, I was unable to observe further action against this enemy aircraft.

Captain, Air Corps.


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