A. Combat.
B. 25 February, 1944.
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron.
D. 1405.
E. 5 miles southeast of Augsburg.
G. Me 210 or 410.
H. Not known pending assessment of film (See report of Capt. Edward B. Giller, 25 February, 1944)
I. I was flying No. 2 on Capt. Giller's wing, when a twin engine enemy aircraft was called in below and about 5 o'clock.  Capt. Giller and I with 2nd element covering immediately made a turn right and down, placing us at about 7 o'clock and about 5,000 feet above and behind the E/A.  We started diving and when we reached about 450 yards, I gave a short burst with a diameter lead and about 20 degrees deflection.  I observed strikes on the E/A all across the wings and fire from the right engine, but did not know whether I was hitting him since Capt. Giller was also firing.  Observing the range to be a little too far I held fire.  I was closing very fast when the E/A made a sharp left turn.  I pushed my nose down and gave a short burst from about 150 yards and 35 degrees deflection and immediately had to pull up and to the right to avoid striking the E/A.  I didn't see the E/A after this.

At the same time that I was shooting the first time Capt. Giller was firing also.  I observed strikes all across the wing from complete left to complete right.  A flash of fire from the right engine and small pieces flying off was also observed.

1st Lt., Air Corps.


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