A. Combat.
B. 25 February, 1944.
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1405.
E. 5 miles southeast of Augsburg.
G. Me 210 or 410 (thought to be latter).
H. One Me 410 destroyed.
I. I was leading Careful Red flight at 28,000 feet near Augsburg when Capt. Guthrie, flying Careful Red No. 3, called in that there was a 410 behind and below us.  I answered "Roger", and turned the flight in a 360 to the right and spotted the aircraft against the snow about 5,000 feet below and to the south of us.  Looking around to see what the general situation was, I dove down on his tail, coming from the down-sun side.  I noticed that I was closing rapidly so I cut my throttles to keep from overrunning him.  He didn't make a move so I opened fire at 500 yards.  I was closing so rapidly that I had to pull up to keep from hitting him.  When I looked back, I saw him fall off on the left wing smoking and burning and pieces coming off the plane.  I last saw him in a dive smoking and burning badly.  It is my opinion that the pilot did not see us coming and that he was killed in the burst, because I saw several cannon strikes and flashes in the cockpit.  We then returned to the bombers.  When Capt. Guthrie's went out, we had to escort him home.  I claim one (1) Me 410 destroyed.

Captain, Air Corps.


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