A. Engagement
B. 24 February 1944
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. About 1530
E. Vicinity of Gotha
G. Two (2) Me109's
H. None
I. I was flying Blue 3, we had just been bounced at 31,000 feet by a flight of four FW190's, which we had out turned, and on breaking out of our turn Capt. Leinweber, Blue Leader, dove on an enemy aircraft.  (Two (2) Me109's were in our way at the time, so I lined up on one and Lt. Tipton, No. 4 man, took the one to the left.  The e/a I was following was in a dive, and when I opened fire, my ship had reached compressibility.  Naturally I lost all interest in fighting the war and turned my attention to the task of curing my ship of the ST. Vitus dance.  This was accomplished by combat flaps and a prayer.  I pulled out at 20,000 ft. feeling very lonesome.  Since enemy aircraft take a very inhospitable attitude towards individuals who like to fight the war by themselves, I put both hands on the throttles and rejoined my playmates.
We made a few turns at about 30,000 ft. and discouraged several Jerries who started up to see what was going on.  Capt. Leinweber started after a lone Me 109 at out altitude.  He was in s slight turn to the left, leaving a 20 degree deflection shot open.  The trouble was, that he was at about 700 yards which is not conducive to good marksmanship.  However, my Crew Chief had asked me to test the guns, and I figured this was as good an opportunity as ever, so I obliged him.  At this time we received our recall, and the e/a decided we were playing too rough, and took off on a long glide toward base.  At the time we were making this bounce, four (4) Me109's above us appeared to be taking a dim view of the procedure, and were prepared to join our rat race at the first opportunity.

1st Lieut. - Air Corps


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