A. Combat.
B. 21 February, 1944.
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. [illegible].
E. [illegible].
F. Slight haze at 25,000 ft.
G. Me 109.
H. One (1) Me 109 Probably Destroyed.
I.  I was No. 2 man in Careful White Leader's flight, flying at 25,000 feet between 1410 and 1435, 21 February.  We were escorting the bombers, about 10 miles southeast of Bielefeld, when two Me 109's were sighted at 22, 500 feet coming from the southeast. They headed for the sun, and we immediately began orbiting.  One Me 109 began his bounce from 29,000 feet., diving down and pulling up under red flight.  He pulled an underside pass on Careful Red flight.  As our flight came out of a turn to the left, I observed the E/A at an angle of about 30 degrees to me, head-on and a little below.  He was turning to the left so I pushed my nose down, gave him a two radii lead, and held my fire until he went through the sight.  He filled 1/3 of the sight.  I rejoined Careful leader and we made a turn to the right, and in looking over my shoulder I noticed the E/A do about four turns in a violent uncontrolled spin in its dive down to the clouds at 10,000 feet, smoking all the while.  I claim one (1) Me 109 probably destroyed.

2nd Lt., Air Corps.


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