A. Combat. E. Near Brunswick, Germany.
B. 10 February, 1944.   F. 4/10ths low clouds.
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron G. Me 210
     55th Fighter Group.  
D. About 1210. H. One (1) Me 210 destroyed

I. On 10 February at about 1210 while leading Careful White Flight, I took my flight down to bounce one of three twin-engine aircraft coming up behind the last box of bombers and about 3,000 feet below them. The me-210 went into a diving turn about 20,000 feet, and I followed him down to about 8,000 feet, the level of the lowest clouds. I opened fire at about 500 yards and ceased fire at about 200 yards. When I broke off combat, his left engine was on fire and he was in a slipping turn to the right going through the clouds. I could see both flame and smoke coming from the engine, the smoke trailing from the engine for about 500 yards. Whilst firing I noticed incendiary strikes on the engine, the mid-sections of the wing, and the fuselage assembly. I broke off combat when Lt. Gene R. Fair, my number 2 man, told me to break because another Me 210 was on my tail. The twin-engine aircraft showed unusual aggressiveness and manoeuvrability. I claim One Me 210 destroyed.

Captain. Air Corps.


On 10 February, 1944 I was flying Capt. Hoeper's wing in Careful White Flight. There was a twin engine aircraft approximately 3,000 feet below the bombers, so we went down on him. when he saw us coming, he went into a diving turn tot he left and we followed. Capt. Hoeper closed to firing range to hit his left engine. The 210 stopped turning and started diving straight ahead. We followed him down to 7,000 feet, when he started to enter the clouds with his left engine on fire. I then pulled up because Capt. Hoeper was being attacked from the rear by another 210. The encounter occurred at 1210 in the vicinity of Brunswick (about 7 miles NW). I confirm one Me 210 destroyed by Capt. Paul E. Hoeper.

2nd Lt., Air Corps.


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