A. Combat. E. Near Brunswick, Germany.
B. 10 February, 1944. F. 4/10ths low clouds.
C. 338th Fighter Squadron
55th Fighter Group.
G. Me 110.
D. 1135 to 1145. H. One (1) Me 110 destroyed.
I. I was flying Blue Flight No. 2. We had just reached R/V with the bombers and I noticed four plus Me 110's on the tail of the last box of bombers. My flight leader saw them at the same time, we immediately went down to bounce them. I lined up on the second one, while my flight leader took the lead E/A. The Me 110 started to break at about 450 yards. I pulled in and gave him a short burst but did not follow him. I pulled over my leader and flew in with him on the lead E/A. My flight leader must have missed, and this left me an opportunity. I was close and almost abreast of the E/A, when he saw me and broke away from me. It was very easy for me to turn in and follow him. I started firing and fired three or four times, about three second bursts. After each burst my windshield would fog up for a second or two, so I couldn't observe close results. I followed him down for six or seven thousand feet and then pulled up to rejoin the flight. I claim one Me 110 destroyed (See statement below).
           ROBERT K. FRUH,
     2nd Lt., Air Corps.


I was leading White Flight, and Blue Flight moved into a position opposite of me. Blue Flight Leader called and said he was going down and for me to cover him, and I noticed the No. 2 in Blue Flight close in on a Me 110. It looked as if it was a deflection shot at first, and then he closed in on his tail. I first noticed the Me 110's right engine smoking, and then the left one burst into flames. He was taking violent evasive action, and started spinning towards the ground. I did not see any more because I started down on another enemy aircraft.
             CHARLES O. JONES,
       Major, Air Corps.


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