A. Combat. E. Near Brunswick, Germany.
B. 10 February 1944. F. 1/10ths los (sic) clouds and ground haze.
C. 338th Fighter Squadron
55th Fighter Group.
G. Me 110
D. 1135 to 1145. H. One (1) Me 110 destroyed.
Hangar strafed.
I. I was leading Blue Flight when we made a bounce on four plus Me 110's and one JU 88 that were attacking the 3rd box of bombers from 6 to 8 o'clock. The JU 88 started down when we began the bounce. I took the lead Me 10, leaving the rest for other members of he flight. I Started firing from about 6 o'clock and slightly below and fired until I had to break down and to the right to miss enemy aircraft. No results were noted from this attack. I then pulled up to the right of the E/A and saw another Me 100 pulling in behind the bombers. I went down on him and fired from about 600 yards and 10 degrees, pulling into no deflection. Pieces of tail flew off his ship. I then broke away and down and saw some FW 190's trying to climb up to the fight, but each time we started to get close to one, he would split 'S' and go down. Capt. Hoeper, who was covering our flight on the original bounce saw the tail come off of the 2nd Me 110 and said he went down out of control. One (sic) the way home I hit the deck, found an airdrome and shot into an open hangar. I claim one Me 110 destroyed.
             VAL W. BOLLWERK,
       Captain, Air Corps.


On 10 February 1944, while leading Careful White Flight, I covered a bounce on a Me 110 made by a Warcraft Flight led by Capt. Bollwerk. When Capt. Bollwerk broke off combat, I noticed that the left rudder and the left side of the elevator of the E/A had been severely damaged, large portions of each having been knocked off. When I last saw the E/A it was in a spiralling turn down to the ground. I confirm Capt. Bollwerk's claim of one (1) Me 110 destroyed.
             PAUL E. HOEPER,
       Captain, Air Corps.


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