A. Combat
B. 5 February, 1944
D. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
E. Chartres area
F. Scattered low clouds.
G. Me109
H. One (1) Me109 damaged.
I.    I was flying on the wing of Capt. Beaird, Swindle Blue Leader, on the way back from the target when I saw two enemy aircraft taking off from Chartres Airport. We were at 20,000 ft. at the time and went into a dive that put us on the tails of the two Me109's. I took the one on the right and got him in my sights as he was turning starboard. At 150 yards, at an altitude of 300 ft. I opened fire and got in a 3 or 4 second burst before Capt. Beaird called on the R/T to break off and hit the deck for home. I didn't get the opportunity to observe how much damage was caused to the E/A, but feel certain he was hit. As result of this, I claim one (1) Me109 damaged.

2nd Lt. Air Corps


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