A. Combat.
B. 31 January, 1944.
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. Approximately 1630 hours.
E. Vicinity of Eindhoven.
F. 3/10ths at 5,000 ft.
G. FW190.
H. Two (2) FW190's destroyed.
I.    I was flying Swindle White 4 on Lt. Leve's wing after we had been separated from the rest of the group in a fight near the vicinity of Venlo. Returning to our base at deck level, we were bounced by seven FW190's from above at 7 o'clock near Eindhoven, Holland. Lt. Leve and I broke into them at about the same time, I cutting inside. As the Jerries passed over us and made a sharp turn back, we set up two Luftberries about a thousand yards apart. Lt. Leve became engaged with four FW190's and I with three. They were making diving passes at us and we were turning with flaps to increase deflection. Lt. Leve made about a turn and a half when I observed that he was on fire in the cockpit. I straightened out of my turn and headed after the 190 that was firing on him, but I was too late to help him for he was already headed for the deck blazing all over. I yelled for him to pull up and bail out but I don't believe he heard me. Meanwhile, closing to about 100 yards of the FW190, I opened up at about 10 degrees deflection and observed strikes immediately. Closing in closer and still firing I saw the E/A begin to pour out smoke. Then he broke and headed down and crashed. I therefor (sic) claim this FW190 destroyed.

At the same time the above E/A crashed I broke, as another was on my tail firing. As I continued a tight turn to the left, I saw Lt. Leve's plane hit the ground and explode and smoke coming up from the 190 behind some trees. Another 190 was coming in in a shallow diving turn at 11 0'clock. I rolled out once more and began a head-on attack - both of us firing like mad. I observed strikes on his wing roots and cowling. Then he broke and headed along the deck smoking, apparently out of control. This 190 must have hit my gas line, for my left engine was on fire. Deciding to get out, I pushed the throttle full forward and pulled straight up. 190's were following me all the way and they blew off my left wing tip and were hitting the cockpit right behind me. At about 2000 ft. I was slowed down to about 150 A S and let go the canopy. The Jerries stopped firing as I bailed out and landed safely. Later I was informed by the French that the second plane I had hit also crashed a few miles away. I therefore claim Two (2) FW190's destroyed as a result of the above combat.

2nd Lt. - Air Corps.


Lt. Hokinson only recently returned to England after successfully evading. This accounts for his belated claims.

Capt. - Air Corps
38th, S-2


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