A. Combat. E. Kessel, Germany.
B. 31 January, 1944. F. 1/10ths los (sic) clouds and ground haze.
C. 338th Fighter Squadron
55th Fighter Group.
G. Me 109.
D. 1535. H. One (1) Me 109 destroyed.
I. While leading Warcraft Blue flight I observed an Me 109 attacking a P-38 from dead astern at 20,000 feet. I immediately bounced the E/A from above and side. I started firing with 90 degree deflection at 300 yards and closed to 100 yards with 45 degree deflection. I observed many strikes along engine, right wing root and cockpit. An explosion occured in the right wing root and pieces flew off the aircraft engine cowling and cockpit. The E/A went into a spin burning and smoking. The E/A took no evasive action. I broke off the attack at 18,000 feet and climbed back up with my flight to engage other E/A above. I claim one Me 109 destroyed.
             CHET A. PATTERSON,
       Captain, Air Corps.


I was leader of 2nd element of Captain Patterson's flight. I observed hits on the E/A as described above and also observed the explosion, as a result of which pieces flew off the cockpit and engine cowling of the E/A. When I last observed the E/A it was spinning down burning and smoking. I confirm Captain Patterson's claim of one Me 109 destroyed.
             WILLIAM H. BURNS,
       1st Lt., Air Corps.


NOTE: A copy of the encounter report of Captain JERRY H. AYRES of the 38th Fighter Squadron is also attached, since it is possible that the aircraft he mentions in same may have been the one atacked by Captain Patterson.

Captain, Air Corps.
Intelligence Officer.


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