A. Combat
B. 31 January 1944.
C. 338th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1520.
E. Just north of Venlo, Germany.
F. 1/10ths low clouds and ground haze.
G. Me 109.
H. One (1) Me 109 destroyed.
I. I was leading the second element of Warcraft Blue flight. Capt. Patterson was leading the flight. An Me 109 was below us on the tail of a P-38. The P-38 broke and the Me 109 started to climb. When the pilot saw our flight and started to roll to do a 'split S', Lt. Korinek, flying No. 2 position, took a short burst at the E/A. I saw one strike below the fuselage. The Me 109 then came head-on at me, flying on his back, and I opened fire at about 100 yards and fired a short burst. I saw strikes of both cannon and .50 Cal. about the wing roots, fuselage and engine, before the E/A started to fall away and passed beneath me. I claim one (1) Me 109 destroyed.

1st Lt., Air Corps.


I was flying No. 4 position in Warcraft Blue Flight. An Me 109 started to roll in front of us. Lt. Korinek and Lt. Burns both fired at it, Lt. Burns getting in the longest burst and from the shortest range. I saw hits on the fuselage and wing roots, and the plane fell off while on its back and started down, obviously out of control. I believe from the action of the plane that the pilot was either killed or very badly injured and that the plane spun into the ground. I confirm Lt. Burn's claim of one Me 109 destroyed.

2nd Lt., Air Corps.


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