A. Combat
B. 31 January 1944
C. 338th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group
D. 1530
E. Vicinity of Goch, Germany.
F. 1/10ths low clouds and Ground haze.
G. Me 109.
H. One (1) Me 109 destroyed.
I. On my original bounce I was forced to break into an Me 109 alone and lost my leader.  I tried twice unsuccessfully to join other flights, but each time was bounced by more 109's coming down.  I saw an Me 109 on a P-38's tail, both planes being in a gentle turn to the left.  They were about 1,000 feet below the main group of P-38's and about 300 feet below me.  I closed on the E/A and got in a good burst at about 300 yards from nearly dead astern.  I observed hits on wing and fuselage of the 109, and he went off in a shallow wing-down dive to the right, trailing white and dark smoke, unquestionably out of control.  He was in a steep spiral and was smoking heavily when I last saw him as he went into the overcast.  I fired several short bursts at other Me 109's but did not observe results.

I claim One (1) Me 109 destroyed.

2nd Lt., Air Corps.


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