A. Engagement
B. 11 January, 1944
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. Approximately 1245
E. Vicinity of Ohrtermersch
F. 9-10/10ths cirrus at 7000 ft.
G. Me-210
H. No Claim
I.   I was flying Lt. Colonel Jenkins wing in Swindle White at 26,000 ft, when near Ohrtermersch, we sighted a Me210 coming in about 4 to 6 o’clock to the bombers and t same level. Colonel Jenkins told Major shipman to make the bounce on the Radio, but I heard no answer. Shortly afterwards I heard Colonel Jenkins say he would make it himself. We came in at about 20 to 25 degrees on the 210. When we were within 300 to 400 yards, Colonel Jenkins opened fire and shortly after I fired about a six second burst. I observed one hit on the tail fin while Colonel Jenkins was firing. This was the only damage I noticed at all, with the exception of greyish colored smoke coming out of the engines. We broke off at about 150 to 200 yards and climbed back to around 25,000 ft. The last I saw of the 210 he was in a steep dive and doing violent evasive actions and headed for the overcast.


2nd Lt. - Air Corps.


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