(Supporting claim:         11 January 1944.
                                    38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
                                    LT. COL. JACK S. JENKINS,
                                    One (1) ME 210 Damaged.

  I was number four in Swindle white Flight led by Lt. Col. Jenkins. We were escorting bombers on withdrawal in the vicinity of Hanorai. An ME 210 was observed closing for attack from six o’clock on rear box of bombers flying at 24,000 feet. Colonel Jenkins bounced immediately from above and behind. Enemy aircraft immediately started a left turn taking evasive action by skidding and rocking the aircraft violently. I observed strikes on the starboard wing from Colonel Jenkins fire and the enemy aircraft half rolled diving straight for the overcast. I observed glycol pouring from starboard engine. We broke off the attack at 20,000 feet and returned to the bombers. In my opinion the enemy aircraft had been damaged by Colonel Jenkins’ fire.

2nd Lieut., air Corps.


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