A. Combat.
B. 5 January, 1944
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. Approximately 1140
E. About 10 miles South west of Kiel
G. FW190
H. One (1) FW190 destroyed.
I.     I was leading the second element of White Flight, when we were bounced by approximately 20 plus Me109s and a few FW190s. We were about ten miles south west of Kiel at about 28,000 feet and were bounced at approximately 1140. The e/a had the advantage of altitude and also out numbered us, so we went into two Lufbury circles, one just above the other and going in opposite directions. During the course of our circling, several e/a got in the top circle trying to get astern shots. I was in the bottom circle when a FW-190 bounced the top circle. I met him head on, opening fire at roughly 400 yards, and continued to fire until we nearly collided. I saw hits all over his engine and saw pieces falling from him. When he was about 100 to 50 yards in front of me, I saw an explosion on the right side of his engine and a sheet of flame jump out. This was followed by a shower of pieces and as I flew through them I noticed what seemed to me to be a piece of Cowling, or some kind of sheet metal floating down. I did not see him after that because the e/a were still bouncing the top circle. The enemy seemed very aggressive and we continued to circle until they left.

It is my belief that this FW190 was destroyed by my attack.

1st Lt. Air Corps


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