A. Combat.
B. 5 January 1944
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. About 1135 to 1140.
E. South-south west of Kiel
G. FW190
H. Destroyed, one (1) FW190
I.     (see encounter report same date and location, time 1135, one Me109 destroyed)
After attacking two Me109ís, I rejoined a Luftberry that had been formed by the group when bounced by a gaggle of about 25 S/S, E/A. A minute or so afterwards I noticed another single P38 with 2 E/A on his tail. My wingman and I attacked out of the Luftberry by lessining (sic.) my degree of bank and turn. I held or tried to hold a 3Ĺ radii lead on the second FW190 for about 4 seconds at 40˚ deflection from about 250 or 300 yards. I didnít close too much because I was turning inside the circle holding lead. I observed hits on his fuselage and wingroots. The E/A went in a spin to the right and at that moment the pilot bailed out. I saw his chute open and have no doubt his A/C was destroyed. My wingman and I were immediately attacked by two Me109ís. we were forced to break right and lost the group. In this subsequent attack I found my guns jammed. My wingman and I were under constant attack while I was trying to work my way to a bomber formation to obtain their protection. I saw my wingman bail out during an attack by Me109ís. I tried again to get to a formation of bombers, but six E/A that were queing (sic.) up on them turned and came after me so I hit the deck out diving the attacking E/A. One minute after hitting the deck I was attacked again by two Me109ís with green spinners. They fired at east 5 seconds but I was so low they couldnít make hits. I still had an indicated airspeed of 425 MPH left out the dive, I was also pulling 70 inches of mercury. I couldnít turn with them because at that time I had only 65 gals of gas for each engine with 450 miles to travel. In coming out on the deck, I hit some trees which flattened the leading edge of my wing.

I was fired at by a convoy north of the Frisian Isles. Returned to England at 1,000 ft.

Capt. Air Corps


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