A. Engagement
B. 31 Dec. 1943
C. 38th Fighter squadron, 55th Fighter group.
D. 1215
E. near Blaye et St. Luce
F. 4/10ths cloud above about 8000 ft. vis. unlimited
G. Me 109 F or G
H. None
I.     I was leading Swindle Blue Flight, on escort mission.  At about 1215 Lt. Brown called in one bandit attacking box of B17's.  We were not in position for an attack out of the sun, so I dove directly at him.  He sighted us before we got within range and turned into us.  I fired about a 5 second burst making about a 70 degree deflection shot.  I observed no strikes.  The e/a then half rolled so I broke off and climbed back up to join the squadron.  The encounter started at about 16000 ft. and ended at 14,000 ft.  I was apparently able to turn inside of e/a without using combat flaps at indicated air speed of about 320 MPH.

1st Lt. - Air Corps


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