A. Combat
B. 31 Dec. 1943
C. 38th Fighter squadron, 55th Fighter group
D. 1210
E. 2 miles north of "Blaye et Ste. Luce"
F. 4/10ths low cloud
G. Me109
H. Damaged
I.     I was Swindle Yellow 3, led by Capt. Myers.  we went down to bounce an e/a that was attacking a B24 at about 15,000 ft.  We dropped our belly tanks and closed in from astern on the e/a.  When Capt. Myers was about 500 yds behind e/a it made a level turn to the left and Capt. Myers followed. I called on the radio and told Capt. Myers I would head him off.  I turned inside the circle made by the e/a and fired about a 2 or 3 second burst from about 75 head on to 90.  The e/a passed directly through my line of fire about 200 yards away.  I pulled up to an advantageous position about the melee and watched Capt. Myers thoroughly annihilate the E/A.  The e/a was smoking very heavily and complete sections of cowling were flying off while Capt. Myers was firing.  we followed e/a down to cloud level of about 12,000 ft.

1st Lt. Air Corps


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