A. Engagement
B. 31 Dec. 1943
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter group.
D. 1210
E. 2 miles north of “Blaye et-Ste. Luce”
F. Clear
G. Me109
H. Damaged
I.     I was flying wingman on Capt. Myers, who was leading Swindle Yellow Flight. Capt. Myers called for top cover so he could attack an Me109, which was making attacks on a B24 who was straggling about 5,000 ft. below and to the left of the main box. We got rid of our belly tanks and dove upon the e/a from about 21,000 ft. using full power. The e/a was making a 6 o’clock attack on the bomber. We gained quite rapidly on the e/a. When Capt. Myers got within 300-350 yds of the e/a, the e/a broke sharply to the left making a level turn. Capt. Myers turned with the e/a and I turned inside of Capt. Myers, holding about 2 radii lead on the e/a without firing. The e/a tightened his turn and threw down flaps. Capt. Myers knocked off his tight flap. The e/a then straightened up. I fired a one second burst, observing hits on his left side of engine nacelle. I then had top pull off of him to avoid hitting Capt. Myers. Fire from Capt. Myers’ guns evidently hit his oil and coolant radiators as the e/a started to smoke heavily with a thick white smoke. The e/a then straightened out momentarily with Capt. Myers on his tail. Pieces were coming from the e/a’s canopy, wings and tail. The e/a then half rolled and started a barrel roll towards the ground with Capt. Myers on his tail, firing like mad. The e/a was disintegrating. I then pulled out to the side and up to cover Capt. Myers tail while he was finishing off the e/a. Capt. Myers had to pull out to avoid hitting the e/a. He then did a steep spiral climb into the sun. I zoomed up and rejoined Capt. Myers.

2nd Lt. – Air Corps


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