A. Combat
B. 31 Dec. 1943
C. 38th Fighter squadron, 55th Fighter group
D. 1230
E. Near Blaye et Ste. Luce
F. Clear
G. Me109
H. No claim
I.     Enemy aircraft was attacking straggling B-24 from astern, firing what appeared to be rocket guns and apparently enjoying himself immensely. Capt. Myers dove from 24,000 ft. and was observed by the pilot of the e/a who suddenly remembered an appointment elsewhere and broke into a steep turn to the left.  Capt. Myers swung wide to jockey into position for a good astern shot.  In the meantime, to discourage to tight a turn, my element leader, Lt. Leinweber cut tight inside the e/a.  Being an optimistic type I gave a four second burst at from 90 degrees to 70 degrees leading three and a half radii.  One two second burst at 400 yards.  Another two second burst at 200 yards.  On the last firing one cannon explosion was noted on the e/a cowling just ahead of pilot.  At this point I half rolled to clear Capt. Myers line of fire.

Capt. Myers came in close and opened fire.  The e/a slow rolled.  his evasive manuever (sic.) caused Capt. Myers no concern whatsoever.  He also slow rolled, firing as he did so.  By this time the e/a was rapidly losing it's aerodynamic qualities.  Pieces were flying off, and a heavy white glycol smoke was pouring from the engine.  About this time the pilot of the Me109 was beginning to doubt if what the big boys had said about the invincibility of the 109 were true, for he jettisoned his canopy.  Then remembering an invitation to an ersatz New Year's turkey, he bailed out.  This action took place at 15,000 feet.

2nd Lt. - Air Corps


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