A. Combat.
B. 13 December, 1943.
C. 338th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. Approximately 1245.
E. North of Oldenburg.
F. 10/10 overcast to 2,000 ft.  Considerable haze in spots above.
G. ME 109 (2)
H. One (1) ME 109 Damaged.
I. I was Squadron leader heading white flight.  There were just two 3-ship flights left in the Squadron when the ship of F/O Buskirk, my No. 3 man was hit by flak, and he had to feather an engine.  I advised him that we would escort him home.  Just after completing our turn and setting course for the coast, bogies were reported, so I called to the second flight to join us.  Due to weather conditions we never got together. We flew a course of 260 degrees, which took us north of Bremen, where we could see bombers approaching the area.

Just north of Oldenburg we were jumped by two ME 109's from the down side.  My No. 2 man told me to break.  Since the E/A were not yet in range, I asked him to wait so the E/A would not gain on us and secure a good deflection shot.  His radio apparently was bad and he did not hear me and broke to the left, so I followed him in the turn.  One ME 109 immediately went down while the other kept coming in.  My No. 2 man dove on the 109, which broke down; and I engaged the one which was at my altitude.  He hesitated and I began to close on him rapidly in a half turn.  I fired a 1/2 second burst from 90 and closed into 30, when he did a split 'S' down.  I followed him in his dive vertically down and he would roll first to one side, then the other.  The encounter started at 27,000 ft.  At about 20,000 ft. I noticed that the second ME 109 had disengaged my No. 2 man and climbed up and around and was starting to come in on my tail.  I broke to the right and made a 360.  I noticed several puffs of smoke from around his cowling and he did a split 'S' and went down.  I followed him down and got in a few additional 1/2 second bursts, but noticed no further results from these shots.  The ME 109's both turned toward home so I pulled out of my dive at 2,000 ft. and crossed the enemy coast north of Emden.  Definite locations of points was impossible due to 10/10 overcast.

    I claim one ME 109 damaged.

Captain, Air Corps.


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