A. Combat.
B. 29 November 1943.
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1210.
E. West of Bremen.
F. Nine to Ten tenths sky coverage below 20,000 feet.
G. ME 109.
H. Probably Destroyed.
I.     Two ME 109's were attacking two P-38's from three o'clock in front of me.  My wing man and I started to close in and knock them off but they did not press home their attack.  Instead they flew straight through behind those airplanes and in front of me.
I turned left with them and picked a four radii lead on the lead ME 109.  I held this lead and fired from 90 degrees deflection to 45 degree.  The range was about 250 yards.
I was forced to break off my attack and was unable to observe any results because of four ME 109's coming down on us from behind.  we continued our turn tot the left and turned into this attack which was broken off before we were in firing range.
Lt. Erickson, my wingman later stated that he saw the airplane going down in a slight spin in flames and trailing thick black smoke, so I conclude that this aircraft was destroyed by my attack.
The ME 109's were painted with a mottled brown camouflage and had what appeared to be a large red ball painted at the rear of the fuselage where the Luftwaffe cross usually appears.

Captain, Air Corps.




        I was flying wing man to Captain Ayers on escort mission over Bremen on November 29.  We were engaged with several enemy aircraft, when Captain Ayers observed two ME 109's attacking two P-38's from the rear.  We dived at them from the sun from above and slightly to the starboard of enemy aircraft.  Captain Ayers fired at the leading enemy aircraft from about 350 yards closing to 200 yards from about 50 to 75 degrees deflection.  we then broke off and climbed slightly tot he left as we broke.  I noticed enemy aircraft burning with heavy black smoke and going down in a big spiral apparently out of control.  In my opinion this airplane was destroyed.  These aircraft were painted with a brown camouflage.

2nd Lieut., Air Corps.

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