A.  Combat.                                                                                                 E.  20 Miles NE of Bremen.     

B.  26 November 1943.                                                                               F.  Clear.

C.  343rd Fighter Squadron,                                                                        G.  JU 88.
      55th Fighter Group.
D.  1140.                                                                                                     H.  One (1) JU 88 destroyed.

I.       I was leading Yellow Flight of the 343rd Squadron on November 26th at approximately 1140, about 20 miles northeast of Bremen.  We were just about to R/V with the lead box of B-17's when our squadron Leader dove down to to scatter a flight of ME 210's and DO 217's, shooting down one of them.  Several single engine fighters tried to come in on his flight from 3 o'clock, so I took my flight down to disperse them - they rolled away.  I then climbed up, and noted a green colored JU 88. I shot at him from underneath, then on my back from astern at about 100 to 200 yards.  I noted two cannon strikes on left engine nacelle, one on fuselage behind pilot compartment, and one on right wing.  A small explosion was noted within the left engine nacelle.  The ship then went down to the left.  I claim one JU 88 destroyed.  Lt. Hiner, behind me at the time, noted the ship go down.  As soon as the JU 88 was apparently done for, I immediately pulled back in the formation.

Captain, Air Corps.


        After making bounce on twin engined enemy airplane (DO 217). I pulled up tot he right and just as I leveled (sic) off I fell in behind a P-38 which was firing at a JU 88 (on his back). I saws it go down into a left hand dive with left engine definitely afire.  when the P-38 climbed on up and leveled (sic) off, I joined on P-38's wing and found it was Capt. Malmstedt.

2nd Lt., Air Corps.


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