A. Combat
B. November 25, 1943
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron
D. 1315
E.  Vicinity of Lille
F.  One to three-tenths covered with broken haze below
G. ME 109
H. One (1) ME 109 probably destroyed
 I.  While leading Yellow Flight of 343rd Fighter Squadron on November 25, 1943 in the vicinity of LILLE at 12,000 feet I was forced into a climb to beat off six ME 109's which were climbing up at nine o'clock from me and about 1,000 feet above.  Two ME 109's made an attack on my Blue Flight and they were forced to turn into the E/A.  Thus Blue Flight was not able to continue as my cover.  I continued to climb. One pair of ME 109's left at 20,000 feet.  I gained slowly on the others until we reached 26,000 feet when they broke away.  I closed into 25 to 300 yards and opened up on the leader, the number two ME 109 broke down tot he right.  I followed the leader down, after he tried several rolls and snaps which failed to shake me.  I closed in to about 150 yards opening up again and continuing to fire until I over ran him.  I saw several strikes and noticed black smoke pouring from his ship when I crossed by.  My number two man stated that he also saw strikes on this ship.  I claim one ME 109 probably destroyed.

Captain, Air Corps.


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