A. Combat.
B. 13 November 1943.
C. 38th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Group.
D. 1135 to 1140.
E. West of Bremen.
F. CAVU.  Above the overcast at about 15,000 ft.
G. FW 190.
H. Damages.
I. We had joined the bombers and were at an altitude of 24,000 ft.  We made a pass at a single Focke-Wulf 190 with checkerboard markings, at approximately 20,000 ft.  I only had a 90 degree deflection and fired very short bursts, missed of course, and broke in a climbing turn to the left toward the first element.  we continued to climb in a slight right hand turn when I suddenly saw a single FW 190 about 500 feet below and climbing approximately 90 degrees to us.  I lowered my nose and fired several short bursts and closing from approximately 70 degree deflection to approximately 30 degree deflection and observed something fly off the left wing.  However, E/A kept right on into same course and took no evasive action.  I then observed three Focke-Wulfs trailing my element, so I broke and rejoined my flight.  Two P-38's came diving down from above and drove the three E/A off.

Captain, Air Corps.


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