A. Combat - confirmation of damage
B. November 13, 1943
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron
D. 1200
E. Ten miles west of Bremen
F. CAVU - seven-tenths to nine-tenths at about 17,000 feet
G. ME 109
I. I was flying as Capt. Ryan's wingman at about fifty yards behind and to one side.  I noticed a P-38 being pursued by a (sic.) ME 109.  This approximately three miles north of us at our level.  Capt. Ryan saw the predicament of the P-38 pilot and started for the ME 109.  He made a left hand diving turn to get on the tail of the ME 109 as they were slightly lower by now.  I had fallen back to about 75 yards behind Capt. Ryan and a little above when he started firing on the ME 109.  The ME 109 was so intent on following the P-38 he did not notice Capt. Ryan, who was in position to start shooting at about 200 yards,  He closed to 125 yards about ten degrees deflection still shooting when I noticed an explosion on the ME 109 which promptly started down in a steep bank to the left.  I was still in the same position behind Capt. Ryan and the last I saw of the ME 109 he was going almost straight down trailing smoke, and about 5,000 feet directly below.  There was no parachute and he was apparently out of control.  I confirm Capt. Ryan's claim for a (sic.) ME 109 destroyed.

Richard C. Stanton
2nd Lt. Air Corps.

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