A. Combat
B. November 13, 1943
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron
D. 1200
E. Ten miles west of Bremen
F. CAVU - Broken eight-tenths at 18,000
G. ME 109
H. ME 109
I. About fifty miles SW of Bremen I observed about two miles to the right an ME 109 on number two man in a flight of four P-38's, the second element of which directly over his head and in no position to help him.  I took my element down and closed on the ME 109 who was following the P-38 at fifty yards.  Shooting while closing, I observed a big explosion on the (illeg) ME-109.  I had fired last at 125 yards at five degree deflection.  The ME 109 went off, and down apparently out of control, smoking heavily.  During my shooting I observed the ME 109 making hits on the right engine of the P-38.

Eugene E. Ryan
Capt, Air Corps.


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