A. Combat
B. November 13, 1943
C. 343rd Fighter Squadron
D. 1145.
E. 10 miles west of Bremen
F. CAVU - Broken eight-tenths at 18,000
G. FW 190
H. FW 190
I. Two miles west of Bremen we sighted the bombers composed of four boxes.  Three miles to the right there were approximately ten DO 217's with rockets and five FW 190's headed all practically on line formation towards the bombers.  Whiteman Yellow flight of which I was a number three man turned into them dropping our belly tanks.  I fired head on but at long range,  They then all fired there (sic) rockets at ineffective range to the bombers.  We went past them and I turned my element coming down on them.  They were breaking and I took a lucky sixty degree deflection (at 300 yards) shot at an FW 190.  There was definite smoke and the aircraft went out of control into a flat slow spin down thru the clouds seven thousand feet below, spinning about eight times.  I then rejoined the bombers.

Eugene E. Ryan
Capt, Air Corps.


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